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    Welcome to Futbol Abroad

    Welcome to Futbol Abroad. We provide passionate, competitive American soccer players opportunities to live and train like professional footballers around the world. We have various Tour options that incorporate world-class facilities and superior training techniques utilized by some of the greatest soccer talents in the world.

    In addition, we offer an all-around experience by immersing participants in the rich, passionate cultures of different countries. We aspire to showcase the passionate lifestyle of International football players to dedicated American soccer players. Our extensive soccer experience, allows us to envision the benefits young American players will enjoy by a total immersion into international “Futbol culture”.

    Information Clinics & Meetings

    Futbol Abroad offers Team Information Meetings and Club Informational Clinics so that players and parents can receive complimentary information about our training program and International Training Tours.Team Information Meetings can be set up so that your team’s parents and players can get together and have the Futbol Abroad Directors give them a free information presentation. Information presentations spell out price, dates, travel logistics, training logistics, trip overviews, fundraising and much more.

    Club Informational Clinics are 2 hour free clinics hosted by your club where the Futbol Abroad Directors give a quick 20 minute presentation based on International Training Tours information and goal setting for competitive athletes. Following the 20 minute presentation, Futbol Abroad will run the clinic through a typical 90 minute training session they might experience while in countries around the world. This will allow club players, parents, and coaches to see first hand the level of training they will receive on our international tours.

    If you’d like to participate or partner with Futbol Abroad in a Team Information Meeting or Club Informational Clinic in your area please contact us to learn more.


    "Soccer Tours Abroad"

    Futbol Abroad participants travel to countries around the globe and experience a professional training regimen, featuring world-class training and top-notch competition.

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    • “Juan is not only an awesome technical coach with a vast knowledge of the game but also, he has a phenomenal energy during training that channels a lifelong passion to his players.”

      — Fiona Killigrew, Burlingame, CA

    • “Futbol Abroad was the most well organized and amazing learning experience I’ve seen in terms of domestic or International Soccer Camps. Their attention to detail and upmost regard for safety makes them the absolute best.”

      — Silvio Bastida, Parent