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Parent Contract

Parent Contract

The Futbol Abroad Participants and its member teams believes that competitive soccer is for the kids.Therefore, the Parent(s) / Guardian(s) willingly enter into this agreement with the shared goal of providing the Player the opportunity to participate in youth soccer in a safe, fun and productive environment.

The Parent(s) / Guardian(s) hereby confirm that they actively support, and will continue to support, the Futbol Abroad’s efforts to provide a safe, fun and productive experience for the Player and for all others associated with the Futbol Abroad and the Futbol Abroad related activities.  Toward that end, the Parent(s) / Guardian(s) take full responsibility for the (in)actions of the Player, themselves, the Player’s other Parent and / or Guardian, and any of their invited guest(s).

General Behavior Policy:

Parent(s) / Guardian(s) agree(s) and understand(s) that the Supporters are guests and the former will ensure the following conduct by their Supporters before, during and after all the Futbol Abroad activities (e.g., practices, games, other the Futbol Abroad events, transportation).

Provide a respectful attitude and act accordingly (e.g., good sportsmanship) towards the game, all players, all players’ (including opponents’) Supporters, the Futbol Abroad management, coaches, referees and all others associated with and /or involved with any the Futbol Abroad Activity.

Respect the the Futbol Abroad management’s authority over the team and any the Futbol Abroad event (e.g., by not coaching or criticizing the Player (or any other participating player) from the sideline, during warm-ups or otherwise).

Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs on the playing fields or in the spectator areas around them.

No abusive behavior (either verbal, written, electronic or physical) towards any player, player Supporter, the Futbol Abroad management, coach, referee and all others associated with any the Futbol Abroad Activity.

Encourage the Player’s and other players’ Supporters to observe these rules.

Supporters will promptly and respectfully follow the direction of the Player’s then senior on-site team official (e.g., coach or team manager) and the head referee (the later alone if any difference in direction).  For example, if ejected by a referee, the individual who is asked to leave will remove themselves promptly from the general event area after (as to Parent(s) / Guardian(s) only, or their designee at the event) a sufficient opportunity to make post-event arrangements with the Player.   Anyone who is ejected by a referee will be automatically banned from attending the next scheduled game and can be banned for longer if so determined exclusively by the Conflict Resolution Process (see ”Conflict Resolution Policy” below).

Supporters agree to use good judgment and raise only good faith issues in ways that minimize, wherever reasonably possible, otherwise avoidable negative impacts on the Player, other players, referees, coaches, the Futbol Abroad and all others associated with any Futbol Abroad Activity.

General Team Policy:  Parent(s) / Guardian(s) agree to the following general administrative items:

 While parent / guardian volunteers (e.g., team managers) may provide substantial assistance to the coaches in daily operations, the coaches are the sole recognized authority of the team.

Fees paid to the Futbol Abroad are not refundable for any reason, including, but not limited to the sickness or injury of the Player. The $800.00 deposit is not refundable.

Once this contract is signed, Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) are obligated to pay the Futbol Abroad fees in full within 15 days of the date of issuance of a written request for such made by a Futbol Abroad representative (unless a pre-signed alternative arrangement has been made).

Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) are obligated to have all players in their charge show up on time and fully prepared to participate actively and safely in all Futbol Abroad Activities.

Parent(s)/ guardian(s) are expected to work in a timely and cooperative manner with team management (usually the team manager being the initial point of contact) regarding requests for information (e.g., scheduling of Futbol Abroad Activities).

Players are generally expected to attend all Futbol Abroad Activities not clearly designated in writing as voluntary, to monitor regularly for all Futbol Abroad communications, and to promptly and sufficiently respond where needed.  Schedule conflicts (or other legitimate excuses) must be clearly communicated immediately to both the team manager and coach once known.

Teams (including Player parents/ guardians) will assist in the operations of the Futbol Abroad by participating as needed in activities including, but not limited to: tournament organization, tournament production, and administrative functions.

Conflict Resolution Policy / Zero Tolerance Policy:  

Any incidents of asserted serious misconduct including, but not limited to, any alleged serious violation of the General Behavior Policy and the General Team Policy, which are not fully resolved first at the Team management level, will be dealt with exclusively (except for any potentially criminal aspect) by (at any party’s written initiation to), Futbol Abroad Board of Directors at PO BOX 820 Burlingame, CA 94011 both also requesting acknowledgement of receipt in some written form which the initiator agrees to safeguard copies of and to provide promptly to the Futbol Abroad Board upon request.  The Futbol Abroad Board will review the alleged misconduct and alone will determine the appropriate course of action.  All parties involved will have an opportunity to present their position including any documentation or witness(es).  Either serious single or persistent misconduct will not be tolerated.  Decisions issued by the Futbol Abroad Board are final and are not subject to appeal of any kind in any forum.  Sanctions imposed by the Futbol Abroad Board may exceed the minimum penalties that are required by the associated league (which may impose its own sanctions in any case).  These sanctions may include, but are not limited to: warnings, suspensions or expulsion from the Futbol Abroad. Futbol Abroad management (including coaches) may immediately impose interim sanctions (e.g., suspension) when believed, in good faith, needed for any safety-related reason.

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