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    “There was great coaching on this trip. They were very high energy and motivating.”

    By Sarah Fraser, Player San Jose Sate University

    “Futbol Abroad’s city tours of Buenos Aires were excellent. Seeing the Boca Juniors and Riverplate stadium was an unforgettable experience.”

    By CJ Sorge, Player Burlingame Soccer Club

    No country embodies soccer passion more than Argentina. Futbol Abroad will be transformational for any player at any level. For a Futbol player who wants to be inspired about the game, there is no better way then to live and breathe the game in the country that celebrates it with the most passion."

    By Christopher Sullivan, Coach and Fox Soccer Channel

    "I thought that Cocqui was one of the best coaches I have seen. His experience and intensity made for outstanding sessions. The field sessions Cocqui did had new ideas and all with a specific aim. His sessions were very fast paced and intense, yet fun. With all of his experience, expertise, and knowledge, he is a very approachable, caring, and humble coach."

    By Armando Del Rio, Coach Alpine Strikers

    "CEFAR and Futbol Abroad was the hardest and most intense training I have ever had. I learned a ton and looked forward to training each day"

    By Michael Spears, Player San Francisco United
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    "Soccer Tours Abroad"

    Futbol Abroad participants travel to countries around the globe and experience a professional training regimen, featuring world-class training and top-notch competition.

    • “Juan is not only an awesome technical coach with a vast knowledge of the game but also, he has a phenomenal energy during training that channels a lifelong passion to his players.”

      — Fiona Killigrew, Burlingame, CA

    • “Futbol Abroad was the most well organized and amazing learning experience I’ve seen in terms of domestic or International Soccer Camps. Their attention to detail and upmost regard for safety makes them the absolute best.”

      — Silvio Bastida, Parent